Tuesday, February 14

Hi Jamaica!

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go....Peace out snow, I'm outta here! Jamaica here I come! See ya folks in 2 weeks :)

Friday, February 10

The"it" Bag

Ever since I got a camera I wanted a decent looking bag to carry it in and dis one's real nice ;) THEIT bossi bag has got's the fixings for the average camera inside yet it looks like a purse on the outskirts. And no one would ever know! And it comes in a range of different colors. But this bag costs a penny! Ringing in at $159 (A little too rich for my blood) So when I came across this giveaway hosted by Anna from IHOD You best believe I hopped on the bandwagon and entered that contest! Go enter, it's easy!...Just don't win, I want it!

Thursday, February 9

Throwback Thursday: Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart

"How do you say deee-groovy? How do you say deee-gorgeous?!"

Who remembers this funky trio and their one hit wonder club hit? For some reason this dang song has been playing through my head allll day! And now it's time to pass it on to you guys! Muhahaha!

Am I wearing pants?

I found this hilarious post about leggings/tights compared to pants on BuzzFeed. What do I think you ask? Well I say meh! Who am I to tell you what to wear? Wear whatever you want to wear however you wish to wear it. Except (and these are the only exceptions) if you're sporting a camel toe, or a mean VPL (visable panty line)

What are your thoughts on leggings? Think we should you keep your bum covered?

Speaking of camel toes...Anyone remember this song?

Tuesday, February 7

Over The Weekend

Hello everybody! Good times this weekend ya'll! My good friend Amber invited us to check out The Noble Thiefs in concert. They're my new favorite ;) Their music is a mix between 50's doo wop and ska, rock...best I can explain it lol. They put on such an energetic show that everybody was up dancing. Their stage voice is even enticing, kinda reminds me of the way Christina Aguilera or Beyonce would work up their audience. You know, that soulful, boisterous, sassy voice. "Everybody, say hellooo to Jonathan on the trombone!" ~ "This song...goes out to all the wonderful ladies in the audience tonight!"

Ain't he cute?! Say hi to baby Anders! I notice whenever I go to parties I don't start taking pictures until the bitter end. Well at least it's something right? I went to my friend, Alexis, baby shower. It was such a cute shower, with great food and people. Seeing all the momma's and cute babies there makes me want to have a little caramel bundle of cuteness of my own!

Monday, February 6

Over the weekend

My bad! This was actually my weekend 2 weekends ago but imma still share it. With the boy outta town for the week I have been having me some quality time with my momma and sis. On Friday me and my baby sis got the munches and took a late night drive down to Carlos and Murphy's restaurant for a heaping plate of hot, cheesy, spicy nachos. Let me tell you! We did not walk away unsatisfied. Now I did capture this moment on film. But where are these pictures?! Lord only knows.

On Saturday a few friends and I attended the last sandbox magazine party. There were so many intriguing faces in the crowd and they were dressed to impress! My outfit definitely did not bring it. But other then the way I was dressed the party turned out to be good times! The music was too good. It's quite refreshing to hear some fun, old school beats like MJ, Cool and the gang, and Deee-Lite.
There was also performances from this gal here Flo, she performed a live show which was soo good. Check out that hair!
Everybody look! It's Raezavel from cheapthrills (such a blurry pic lol)
Another live performance from The Treble
We kinda look like twins! Love it lol


I'm quite proud of myself for making this dessert that I just had to post it! Lately it seems as if I have been failing in my wifey duties so, I threw on my apron and got myself in the kitchen. I've been cooking dinner everyday, making the boy lunches and I even tried my hand at baking, FROM SCRATCH! I decided to make the boy his favorite pie in the world, Key lime pie. 
I think he scarfed down that slice of pie in 3 bites. 
This is probably one of the first dishes that I've experimented with where he didn't turn to me with a disgusted look on his face after taking a bite of his food and say "Did you even taste this?!"

Dot dot dot...

Today was a day for celebration! It was -6°C outside! Winnipegers consider weather like this, summer. I must have seen 10 people on the street wearing shorts and t-shirts....That's all.

Friday, February 3

Au Natural ~ Tolu

So I think I have a thing for TWA's (Teeny weeny afro's) because here is another gal who I think looks striking with her natural tresses. I bumped in to Tolu this weekend at an event party rocking her new do. And to be honest I didn't even recognize her. I was coming down the stairs, and I spotted her walking towards me. My brain started thinking a million different things "Cooool! A natural! She's so pretty! Man this girl looks so good with that do! Toya stop it, you're staring. Hey wait... it's Tolu!"

I just had to share her and her hair with you guys. So here a little Q & A 

Q: Tell us your hair story; what led to your BC (Big chop)

A: Around April of 2010 I was accepted to the study abroad program in France. On top of everything else that I had to put together for my year away, I was stressed about what I would do to my hair. Since my French was not on par with fluent, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to find  a hair dresser I liked, or that I wouldn’t be able to explain what kind of style I wanted (who knows how to say “chemical relaxer” or “texturizer” in French anyways?). So as I sat in the chair at Freshair Boutique – my go to salon in Peg Nasty – I looked at Praise, my stylist, and said – cut it off. It was as simple, or rather, as mindless as that.

Q: When was your last relaxer?

A: Before I had decided to cut my hair I had not relaxed it in over a year. So about 4 years now. Although, when I first cut it in 2011, I did texturize it. Does that count?

Q: What’s the best thing about being natural?

A: It’s very much like braids – you wake up and go. I think it also looks super chic under a hat.

Q: How did the people around you respond to your new do?

A: Well like any good Nigerian mother, my mom looked me in the eye and exclaimed, “Oh my God…(dramatic pause, face aghast)…I am not pinching anything” referencing how she will never braid my hair again haha. Other than that, everyone loved it. I got a lot of, “it suits you” and, “you’ve grown into yourself”. I was surprised because history has taught me to hate my hair and that everyone else hates it, but that simply is not true. Sure there was the odd time I knew people were negatively judging, but overall, I think that a lot of Black women admire the daring to go natural and a lot of women in general admire a woman who has the courage to go short.

Q: What would you say to someone who’s thinking about going natural?

A: Do what makes you feel good. Going natural and short worked for me because I was tired of the 8 hour braiding sessions and the scalp burning relaxers. Since I have gone natural, my hair is stronger, and softer than it has ever been. Not to mention that it flat irons better than it did before. Go natural if you want to try something new and if you don’t like it, there is always a box of Dark & Lovely waiting at your local Walmart!

Lol! Thanks so much Tolu! Stay tuned for more interviews with natural ladies!

Thursday, February 2

Throwback Thursday ~ N'Sync

Sigh...The 90's, early 2000's sure was a good time! Wasn't it? I had me quite the crush on these guys back in the day. Ain't it funny how we make fun of our parents for the music they listen to because it's so outdated? Well I have a feeling that our children are going to be making fun of us, because I don't know about you but Imma still be listening to these guys when I'm 60, 70, 80 years old.

Who was your favorite? I sure loved me some scrumptious, curly haired, Justin Timberlake ;)

On the street: Cynthia Simões

Hi there! I love shopping the boutiques at Osborne Village. Although the prices are a little to rich for my blood I still love experience. While looking through Shout I saw her This is Cynthia rocking such a cool pair of vintage, red ronsir eyeglasses and her fathers button up. I know right?! I would never have guessed it, looks so nice on her. I think I'm gonna start dipping into the boys wardrobe ;) Thanks Cynthia!
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