Tuesday, January 31

Guess What?!

Yeah mon! Ya heard me right! Me a head on down to me homeland in exactly 2 weeks! (Okay that's enough with the accent) Although we may not be going under the best circumtances it still is great to be going. I am quite excited to see my family again. Grandpa, Grandma, cousins, aunties, uncles, friends, the land and the good ole hot, hot sun! I can't wait! I think I'm way too excited for this trip. "Settle down Toya!"

Pit & Peak

Peak: These $1 iphone gloves I found shopping. I cannot express how in love I am with a single pair of mitts! I am soooo happy that I don't have to keep removing my gloves just to answer my phone in this frigid weather. 
*The grey bits are made out of some magic fabric...Genius!

 Pit: Has to be this long mother of a train that had me waiting 25 minutes! Good thing I had me some classic Mariah tunes to keep me occupied.
Sweet, sweet fantasy baby, when I close my eyes you come and you take me. On and on yeah

Saturday, January 28

On the street: Diane Dns

This girl's proof that you can still look good in minus 40° weather. Diane studied fashion in Vancouver and is now here to further her career. I bumped into her during one of my midnight grocery shops (I have all the time in the world to go shopping during normal hours and I choose to go at midnight...I know) I love Diane's bow headband turban and sheepskin waterfall style jacket. I've always thought these coats looked outdated. Probably because it was never styled just right. But she makes it look sooo good. She's convinced me. I think this is gonna be my next buy. Thanks Diane and good luck with all your future endeavours! 

Friday, January 27

DIY: Bomber Hat

Hi everybody! LOOK WHAT I MADE! Using a purple faux fur vest I found at the thrift shop for $4, a leather strap from an old purse and this tutorial from cotton&curls I made this cozy bomber hat. Now I had every intention on keeping the vest the way it was when I bought it, but when I came across Lizzie's dope tutorial you best believe I hacked that baby up! I know it's not the best construction, sorta messed up the pattern (How? I do not know. It was the easiest pattern!) making it a smidge to small for my head. But uh... I don't think I did such a shabby job, if I do say so myself ;)

Disclamer: Days after making this hat. I was finding fur in ALL nooks and cranny's O_o

Just Visiting

Happy Friday!!! This weekend: The boy comes home from his week out in Thompson (Oh how I missed him so!) Going to the last Sandbox soiree, and singing soulful melodies with my baby sis and Joyful Noise.
Oh, and I'm over here today. Gwan, check it out!

Have an excellent weekend!

Thursday, January 26

Throwback Thursday: Tina Turner - I Don't Need

I'm throwing it waaaaay back this week with some good ole Tina.
...Not gonna lie. I'm kinda digging the stripe on stripe attire Tina!

Wednesday, January 25

Hair Crush ~ Solange Knowles

It's not fair! Why does this do suit everybody else but me :(. Solange, in the latest issue of Instyle Magazine, is rocking her natural tresses and looks so chic and beautiful while doing it. But I, on the other hand (having hair pretty much exactly like hers) just look like Will Smith, circa 1990. 

I really started to become a fan of Solange when she went for the Big Chop back in 2009. Not only did her hairdo change, but her entire wardrobe did too. Making her one of my fave style icons. I was in awe at how stunning she looked without hair. Since then she's worn her hair in a multitude of varied styles. Boxbraids, weaves, wigs, wigweaves and au natural. But I truly think her best look is one without hair...do you agree?

Tuesday, January 24


Lately I've been packing little pictures/notes in the boys lunches, just to show how much I care :) Here's what he found in his lunch box today. Ha. Nyan...

Monday, January 23

On the street: Kendra

Every once in a while approaching someone can be a bit awkward. Just because you never know just what their reaction will be, and it seems like everytime I spot someone for one of these posts I never have a piece of paper or a writing utensil to get their info. So I'm always scrummaging through purse pulling out pieces of old receipts, just anything to write on. Quite embrassing! I think I need a business card.
Carrying on. I spotted this girl shopping with her friend at Joe. I was drawn to her long trench, fringe bag, and the pop of color earrings. She looked quite effortless. Thanks Kendra!

Sunday, January 22

Feel de rhythm! Feel de rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time!

Me and the boy watched Cool Runnings a while back and I still love it! All I can say is, classic! Can you believe that it's been nearly 20 years since the release of this movie?! Anywhoo. Who doesn't love this scene? Sometimes you just gotta give your confidence a re-boost!

 "I see Pride, I see Power, I see a bad ass mutha, who won't take no crap outta nobody!"

Thursday, January 19

This Common Man

"My name holds weight, I am never hesitant
Different start resident, this hood elegance
SLS classic, pursuing my passion
NOVA Fashion, now I'm Oscar party crashing
Immortal view of a star doing what I'm born to do
I see the blue sky, see the Lord's coming through" ~ Common- Blue Sky

This boy is legit! I've been diggin Common and his music for years now. So what if I maybe developed a little baby crush on him after watching Just Wright? Sadly though, he does not get the credit he deserves or is as big as he should be. If you haven't heard his music then I highly recommend you listen to his recent album, The Dreamer/ The Believer. There's so much purpose behind his lyrics and his records are fresh! Plus his style in impeccable! This song right here  is one of my faves from the album. Ya'll enjoy your weekend!

Winter :(

I think if I were to never see snow again I would be just fine. Even though I've lived here all my life I'm really starting to hate this minus 40 weather. I love my sweet, sweet summers (I'm sorry, random trail of thought) 
Now I'm not too sure what look I was going for here? It's like a mix between a cozy granny with the oversized sweater and pants thrown in with a dash of sessi vixen with the bralette. Either way I still kinda like it. The best part about this look is my pants! Imma still be rocking these baby's when I'm 80 yrs old! 

On the weekend

Hello all! So it's no secret that the Japanese community here in Winnipeg is, well...not all that big. Which makes the boy really sad :( because he never gets to use his Japanese speaking skills (I'll learn one day!) A lot of the Japanese restaurants here are owned by either Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese...pretty much any other race but Japanese. So I was determined to find my man some Japanese folks. Thanks to good ole Google I found me Edohei, a Japanese restaurant with a Japanese chef ;). The boy was stoked when he found out that the people working there were all from the same place he served his mission (small world) And boy did he ever talk up a storm, let me tell you! He would have talked all night, I had to pry him outta there. Oh and the food was delish! 7 out of 10.
After that we headed to Welcome Out Week at Institute. And I got into one nasty, stank, ripped up sumo suit and squared head to head with Sherri. Don't let the photo fool you. She whooped my behind!

Tuesday, January 17

"I have a dream..."

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” - MLK
Even though Martin Luther King day is an a American holiday this man's role and contribution in the civil rights movement has made a difference not only in the U.S but the whole world. And since his death his presence is more prevalent now then it's ever been. Carrying a global message of "peace". Do me a favor and take a moment outta your day to remember this amazing man and what he's done. 

Seeing how this is a fashion blog I guess I should post a little something about Dr. King's dapper style. 
The man sure knows how to dress!
King Abernathy

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