Wednesday, January 25

Hair Crush ~ Solange Knowles

It's not fair! Why does this do suit everybody else but me :(. Solange, in the latest issue of Instyle Magazine, is rocking her natural tresses and looks so chic and beautiful while doing it. But I, on the other hand (having hair pretty much exactly like hers) just look like Will Smith, circa 1990. 

I really started to become a fan of Solange when she went for the Big Chop back in 2009. Not only did her hairdo change, but her entire wardrobe did too. Making her one of my fave style icons. I was in awe at how stunning she looked without hair. Since then she's worn her hair in a multitude of varied styles. Boxbraids, weaves, wigs, wigweaves and au natural. But I truly think her best look is one without you agree?


  1. Love Solange!! and she looks so good even when she was bald headed :)


  2. Girl you could work this do or any do! You're so pretty! And if you feel masculine (which I think you don't!) you can play with more girly accessories or outfit. and I love solange and her music. She's a classy lady! I think I like her with the braids and afro style.

    1. Thanks Sherri! I'll work up the nerve one of these days


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