Thursday, May 17

Throwback Thursday: Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang

I don't know why this song has been running through my head, but it is quite hypnotizing. This Cher tune covered by Nancy Sinatra is the sole reason why threw a bag of popcorn in the mic, popped in my Killl Bill DVD and sat myself down to watch this Tarantino flick at 1am last night! For some reason I had me a hankering to watch me something gory.

︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤── Bang Bang

Wednesday, May 16

Minty fresh

Don't let these over-exposed photos fool you. This, what appears to look white shirt dress that I got from Aritzia is actually in a minty green hue. I got the boy to peel away from his video game for a few moments to take these ;)  

Monday, May 14

Mama, Was a Rolling Stone!

Temptations got it wrong, "Mama", was a rolling stone! Fo real, she's a brick house. I mean, my Mother's been through so much with my and my baby sis. I love this woman! Happy Mother's Day to the greatest Mama in the whole world! 

P.S. Mama I diggin' your old school hair do's. Gotta love that off kilter pompadour bang!

Thursday, May 10

Throwback Thursday: Deniece Williams - Let's Hear It for the Boy

I remember this fun tune being my sister's sooong! Back in the day my sis and her best friend Meagan would rock out to this jam in their rooms....I wasn't invited :(

Wednesday, May 9

Pit & Peek

Peak: This sweet reporter bag my sister's boyfriends, friend, friend lent me. 
"Mama said knock you out!"

Pit: Some heffa broke into my car and mashed up the steering column trying to jack it. I guess the fool didn't see the big flashing red light indicating that it was immobilized. And then!!! He had the audacity to up and take my steering cover! (Of all things to take) 
I guess the cords kinda look cool dangling out in the open. Good thing the boy is somewhat of a genius with cars and fixed her up. 
My old baby honda lives to die another day!

Monday, May 7

Shady Behaviour

Hi! This was a shoot I did back a few months ago and I wasn't gonna bother posting this because I'm not the biggest fan of this outfit. It was one of those times where I didn't look in the mirror and the boy just said I looked fine because he just wanted to finish taking pictures and get back to his game "Toya, you look good in anything you put on." he says. Meanwhile his eyes weren't even looking my way. But I figured it's been a minute since ya'll seen an outfit post and the boy was in no particular mood to take any pictures for me today so here it is!

On the Street: Reesey Egyed

I think I need to start hittin' the actual "streets", as in sidewalk, for these on the street posts. But never the less here's another (I know 2 in a row, crazy!) I saw this girl out shopping with the boy. What caught my eye was them leopard creepers. Whoo! Now I dunno if creepers are really my thing, but they looks soooo cool on her with the way she styled them and all! She told me the website at where she bought them but I plum forgot!
Thanks again Reesey!

On the Street: Tomas Hurlburt

Hi there! I know what you're thinking, "sweet boots"  Precisely what I thought when I saw this guy sittin' all GQ on a couch the other night out at the lounge. I love his hi-cut deck boots and grandpa style sweater with silver hardware. Or should I say Dad's sweater, this was his father's sweater from back in the 70's that he stole and kept for himself. Me and Tom (I can call him that cause we tight like that now!) had ourselves quite the lengthy conversation about his style and love for music. He actually plays guitar for a local band here in Winnipeg called Hey pilgrim. He is officially my new favorite red head, which is ironically the title of one of their songs.
Thanks Tom

Wednesday, May 2

Pit & Peak

Pit: Rain...

 Peak: This sweet vintage camera I found at Rhymes with Orange. It seems to be in working condition but I ain't got the slightest clue on how to use it. But I'll tell you this, I'm looking forward to playing around with this lovely treasure!

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