Monday, May 7

Shady Behaviour

Hi! This was a shoot I did back a few months ago and I wasn't gonna bother posting this because I'm not the biggest fan of this outfit. It was one of those times where I didn't look in the mirror and the boy just said I looked fine because he just wanted to finish taking pictures and get back to his game "Toya, you look good in anything you put on." he says. Meanwhile his eyes weren't even looking my way. But I figured it's been a minute since ya'll seen an outfit post and the boy was in no particular mood to take any pictures for me today so here it is!


  1. That's cute that he would say that... I love that purse...great find girl!

    1. Really? Thanks girl! I'm still going to try and do an afro..ha

  2. I actually really like that outfit!
    But holy cow, is that SNOW?!?!

  3. What? the boy was totally right! you look great!!



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