Saturday, January 14

Jamaican Queens

These Jamaican bred beauts have been gracing the runways, ad campaigns and editorials like crazy in the past few years alone and I love it! Makes me proud to be a Jamaican. It was hard for me to narrow down my top faves but here they are. Starting with the one girl I'm sure everybody knows. Gracing her alluring face in ads like the GAP to Tommy Hilfiger. Former #1 model in the world...
Jaunel Mckenzie

This stunning gal possessing gazelle-like features was named Caribbean's first supermodel 
Nadine Willis

Sasha Gaye Hunt

Oreintha Russell

Sunna Gottshalk

Chantel Lee

Jotasha Turnbull

Shena Moulton

Sosheba Griffiths

Sigail Curry

Raschelle Osbourne

Oooo! And last but not least. I saved the best for last. This exquisite gal takes my #1 on the list. Girl you better work!
Jeneil Williams 

Who's you have a favorite model? And who you feeling on my list of these chocolate beauts?
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  1. these models are gorgeous! black is beautiful! thanks for your comment



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