Thursday, November 24

On the street: Joan Jiang

Hi there! Meet Joan, she was sooo friendly and cool with me taking her picture. I love how her fur ankle boots and bow tie touque gives this simple floral dress that eye catching pop that this outfit needs. Cute look Joan! I hope to run into you again so that I can steal your look ;) 

My photography skills can use some brushing up. I'll get better and again I skipped out on the Q and A. Next time I promise!

Throwback Thrusdays: Zhane- Groove Thang

A couple of weeks back I posted this tune by Soul II Soul. My good friend Sherri from sherriamour then sent me the link to this sweet tune by Zhane....And haven't stopped listening since.

Wednesday, November 23

Girl Talk: Don't tell me to relax!

Happy nappiversary to me :) Whoo whoo! I'm a officially 1 year and 3 months relaxer free and lovin' it! But let me tell you, it has been quite thee journey. Actually caring for my hair was a whole new learning process for me (seeing how I never did before) The disregard for my hair left it dry, broken and just plain unhealthy. Leaving me to start right from the beginning.  Thanks to good ole trusty YouTube I have learned to take care of my (very) nappy mane. Here's my story of why I went natural:

I have been relaxing my hair since I can remember. I think I was 8 or 9, just like so many little black girls at that age. My mother was tired of always having to braid our hair and decided that relaxing it would be an easy way out of spending countless hours styling our hair. Long story short, a couple of years back I got into a fight.....a fight with a relaxer and needless to say, it won :( Since then I have strayed away from putting them harmful chemicals on my head. 

I'm so pro natural hair and wouldn't go back to a perm (I once thought that I would FOREVER be relaxing my hair) It may take years but this▼ right here is my goal. I WILL one day reach it!
Esperanza  Spalding
 I think natural hair is beautiful and I encourage all my relaxed/weave/wig sistas to jump on the natural train or even just go a few months past your relaxer date and see if you love the curls you were meant to have growing out of yo head. So you're probably saying "But wait...Latoya your hair is clearly no afro." And I know, but just hear me out. You see I'm looking to reach a certain length before I go full throttle and show the world exactly what I'm working with, also, I have no idea how to style it lol! Keep posted for interviews with au natural beauties. 

What does natural hair mean to you? 
Do you find curly/kinky hair to look unprofessional or unkempt? 

Monday, November 21

Happy Monday

Hello, it was a great weekend wasn't it? I reconnected with old friends, we went to the spa for a full head to toe treatment, had ourselves a therapeutic shopping session, ooh and ahhed over adorable baby Kianna, and then hit the town for a night of dancing. All in all, we had ourselves quite the weekend.

Kianna is honestly thee best baby ever!
Trey, Kelsuma, Kimiya, Fatuma

Thanks for a lovely weekend ladies!

On the street: Wenlan Nyenon

Seems like everyday I am spotting more and more people on the streets of Winnipeg with impeccable style. I stopped this girl on her way to work (after I worked up the nerve to approach her!) Wenlan's unique technique at the way she wrapped her scarf caught my eye. And then she removed her jacket....I loved the way she mixed all these pretty patterns. Be prepared to see more of Winnipeg's street style. Thanks Wenlan!

I probably should have done a little Q and time!

Thursday, November 17

♫Blinded by the light,....lada dede da lada dede dada night?♪

The boy and I have been hearing this song played repeatedly on the radio like crazy lately. Now we both have our thoughts on what exactly is being said in the lyrics. Needless to say.... we were both wrong. In my efforts to find out just what exactly these guys were trying to say I came across this▼So funny, yet so true!

Just in case you were wondering, I thought it was ♪racked up but like a douche, in the middle of the night♫

Wednesday, November 16

Aloe Blacc.

All he wants is just one single dollar. I stumbled across this guy a several months back watching one of my favourite talk shows "The Graham Norton Show" Immediately after his performance I looked up every song written and sung by him. His smooth/ buttery vocals has me in a trance. He's the kind of artist worth buying his CD for (downloading just doesn't do it justice) Here are some of my favorites and a killer cover of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"
[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅1̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]  Welcome

Let's talk about Lips

Lately I've been wanting to add a new item to my make-up bag. Lipstick. Seeing how I'm new to this I thought I should try out a few different shades from palest nudes to the darkest brights. But I didn't want to break the bank doing so. So I went to my local beauty supply store "Sally's" and pick up $6 worth of their mini lipsticks. 
Below are the 6 shades that I picked out. Hopefully this inspires you to be adventurous and try some fun bright lipsticks. 
A product thumbnail of Sally Girl Mini Lipstick Manic
This lipstick came out looking a lot frostier on my lips then it appeared in the tube. It's the kinda shade that looks great paired with a dark smoky eye.  
A product thumbnail of Mini Lipstick
Now I think this one just might be my favourite. This pinky/nude shade is tame enough to wear day to day. And gives the final touch to that fresh faced look. 
A product thumbnail of Sally Girl Mini Lipstick T.K.O.
Okay, this vibrant pink is so fun! Right?! Great for pairing with bright coloured items of clothing, like a royal blues or yellows. But I would suggest minimal make-up on every other part of your face, When you got lips like this who needs all the extra?

A product thumbnail of Sally Girl Mini Lipstick
All though the boy thinks this colour looks horrendous on me, I quite like it. I wore this shade to school the other day with some blue jeans and a knit sweater. Taming this colour down with comfy clothes makes this shade seem not so scary. And for my brown sistas out there give this colour a whirl, you just might like it.

A product thumbnail of Sally Girl 1st Crush Mini Lipstick
Whoopi called....She wants her lipstick back.

A product thumbnail of Sally Girl Mini Lipstick
And last but not least.... BOOM! ↑ When I first laid eyes upon this sucker I knew I had to get it. Just don't ask me how or where I'm going to wear this.

So how bout it? What shades are you willing to try? Happy lipstick shopping!

Thursday, November 10

Throwback Thrusdays: Soul ll Sou l- Back To Life

Do you remember this hit? It's the kinda jam you have stuck in your head allll day!

♫Mama you're the queen of my heart ♪

Hi there!  So I know it's nowhere near mother's day but I've got mama on the ♥. She's....she's just so awesome!

Wednesday, November 9


I had no idea what I wanted to dress up for this year for Halloween. So I did what everyone else does when they have to throw together a last minute costume. I was....Waldo, Where's Waldo. Not very creative , I know. But it works when you have nothing else to fall back on :)
Meet my friends Kimiya(left) and Camille(right)
Take a look back at some of the costumes I've worn for the past few Halloween's
Spock and Ahura 
Scarecrow and ghetto Dorthy

Ghetto Wonder Woman

"Life Is So Good"

Whenever you think can't do something, think of this man. After watching Oprah's Most Memorable Guests, 'Life Is So Good' has become my new motto. Back in 1998 Oprah had a guest by the name George Dawson on her show. George, at the age of 98 had never been to school, never learned to read or write. His determination to change fuelled a quest for knowledge. 2 years later George Dawson became a best selling author, co-writing his inspiring life story called 'Life Is So Good' He passed away in 2001 at the age of 103. But not to be forgotten. His life and legacy still lives on at George Dawson Middle School in Texas. When I look back at the things that I've never done I just remember "It's never too late to change" George Dawson


Good day....Or not! I woke up this morning and opened the curtains to see this....
 I hate snow :(

Comic Con

Okay...Don't laugh but I'm a huge Star Trek fan and a big gamer. So I just had to go to comic con this past weekend. Now I was going to really get into it and dress up but since the boy wasn't going to I changed my mind. Here's a glimpse of what we saw.
Team Fortress 2...YES!
It's Commander Riker ya'll! Well I guess his real name is Jonathan Franks.
 Oh yeah! Nana Visitor aka Major Kira
 Pfft! Like I'm gonna pay $40 to get an up close picture. This is good enough for me ;) ( Oh yeah and that's Chase Masterson better known as Letta from DS9)
 Bumped into our good friend Bryce
 I got a thing for Troopers... Storm Troopers
This backpack was sweet!
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