Wednesday, November 9

Comic Con

Okay...Don't laugh but I'm a huge Star Trek fan and a big gamer. So I just had to go to comic con this past weekend. Now I was going to really get into it and dress up but since the boy wasn't going to I changed my mind. Here's a glimpse of what we saw.
Team Fortress 2...YES!
It's Commander Riker ya'll! Well I guess his real name is Jonathan Franks.
 Oh yeah! Nana Visitor aka Major Kira
 Pfft! Like I'm gonna pay $40 to get an up close picture. This is good enough for me ;) ( Oh yeah and that's Chase Masterson better known as Letta from DS9)
 Bumped into our good friend Bryce
 I got a thing for Troopers... Storm Troopers
This backpack was sweet!

1 comment:

  1. haha...i just lol. jk. Even though it's geeky that seems fun to go to. and you met Domo! that's fun that you bumped into Bryce. Ya'll didn't dress up but it seems like you guys dressed to match. haha. I still haven't seen Stak Trek. That's probably why I don't know who any of those people are. lol. haha..yeah I definitely wouldn't pay $40 to take a picture. haha.


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