Wednesday, November 23

Girl Talk: Don't tell me to relax!

Happy nappiversary to me :) Whoo whoo! I'm a officially 1 year and 3 months relaxer free and lovin' it! But let me tell you, it has been quite thee journey. Actually caring for my hair was a whole new learning process for me (seeing how I never did before) The disregard for my hair left it dry, broken and just plain unhealthy. Leaving me to start right from the beginning.  Thanks to good ole trusty YouTube I have learned to take care of my (very) nappy mane. Here's my story of why I went natural:

I have been relaxing my hair since I can remember. I think I was 8 or 9, just like so many little black girls at that age. My mother was tired of always having to braid our hair and decided that relaxing it would be an easy way out of spending countless hours styling our hair. Long story short, a couple of years back I got into a fight.....a fight with a relaxer and needless to say, it won :( Since then I have strayed away from putting them harmful chemicals on my head. 

I'm so pro natural hair and wouldn't go back to a perm (I once thought that I would FOREVER be relaxing my hair) It may take years but this▼ right here is my goal. I WILL one day reach it!
Esperanza  Spalding
 I think natural hair is beautiful and I encourage all my relaxed/weave/wig sistas to jump on the natural train or even just go a few months past your relaxer date and see if you love the curls you were meant to have growing out of yo head. So you're probably saying "But wait...Latoya your hair is clearly no afro." And I know, but just hear me out. You see I'm looking to reach a certain length before I go full throttle and show the world exactly what I'm working with, also, I have no idea how to style it lol! Keep posted for interviews with au natural beauties. 

What does natural hair mean to you? 
Do you find curly/kinky hair to look unprofessional or unkempt? 

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  1. curly/kinky hair is seriously exotic & cool. can't wait to see your new hairstyle when you're ready!


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