Thursday, January 19

This Common Man

"My name holds weight, I am never hesitant
Different start resident, this hood elegance
SLS classic, pursuing my passion
NOVA Fashion, now I'm Oscar party crashing
Immortal view of a star doing what I'm born to do
I see the blue sky, see the Lord's coming through" ~ Common- Blue Sky

This boy is legit! I've been diggin Common and his music for years now. So what if I maybe developed a little baby crush on him after watching Just Wright? Sadly though, he does not get the credit he deserves or is as big as he should be. If you haven't heard his music then I highly recommend you listen to his recent album, The Dreamer/ The Believer. There's so much purpose behind his lyrics and his records are fresh! Plus his style in impeccable! This song right here  is one of my faves from the album. Ya'll enjoy your weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I have a huge crush on Mr. Common. And I just watched Just Wright recently for the 3rd time. haha. He sure is just right for the movie. And I love his vibe. One of my favorite jams is 'Come Close' ft. Mary J. Blige.


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