Thursday, January 19

Winter :(

I think if I were to never see snow again I would be just fine. Even though I've lived here all my life I'm really starting to hate this minus 40 weather. I love my sweet, sweet summers (I'm sorry, random trail of thought) 
Now I'm not too sure what look I was going for here? It's like a mix between a cozy granny with the oversized sweater and pants thrown in with a dash of sessi vixen with the bralette. Either way I still kinda like it. The best part about this look is my pants! Imma still be rocking these baby's when I'm 80 yrs old! 


  1. I guess it's your island routes that make you love the heat and hate the cold. I sure can go without the cold myself! But s'all good. I love your cardigan and the pants! and lovin the grandma favorite!

  2. Hi Lahtoya. :D (I hope i'm right. :O)
    You're blog is great. I seriously got lost in it. Lolol.
    You are super pretty and i am looking forward to more of those lovely posts. :D

  3. Now following you! I agree with the snow! The snow here has been fridged!!! Cute blog! check out my new blog at


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