Thursday, January 19

On the weekend

Hello all! So it's no secret that the Japanese community here in Winnipeg is, well...not all that big. Which makes the boy really sad :( because he never gets to use his Japanese speaking skills (I'll learn one day!) A lot of the Japanese restaurants here are owned by either Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese...pretty much any other race but Japanese. So I was determined to find my man some Japanese folks. Thanks to good ole Google I found me Edohei, a Japanese restaurant with a Japanese chef ;). The boy was stoked when he found out that the people working there were all from the same place he served his mission (small world) And boy did he ever talk up a storm, let me tell you! He would have talked all night, I had to pry him outta there. Oh and the food was delish! 7 out of 10.
After that we headed to Welcome Out Week at Institute. And I got into one nasty, stank, ripped up sumo suit and squared head to head with Sherri. Don't let the photo fool you. She whooped my behind!

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