Saturday, January 28

On the street: Diane Dns

This girl's proof that you can still look good in minus 40° weather. Diane studied fashion in Vancouver and is now here to further her career. I bumped into her during one of my midnight grocery shops (I have all the time in the world to go shopping during normal hours and I choose to go at midnight...I know) I love Diane's bow headband turban and sheepskin waterfall style jacket. I've always thought these coats looked outdated. Probably because it was never styled just right. But she makes it look sooo good. She's convinced me. I think this is gonna be my next buy. Thanks Diane and good luck with all your future endeavours! 


  1. I really like her bag, and the way she matched her turban and shoes.


  2. She's so pretty! I love hear headband and the red lipstick looks so good!

  3. amazing photos, great blog idea and lovely overall image. Loving it!! Follow each other? :))


  4. wow. she looks a-mazing. i hope i would look as good as that if i decided to go shopping around midnight!

    thanks for your comment love! yes ma'am, you made perfect sense (: i bet these ladies really appreciate your kind words on their outfits! i know i would.



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