Monday, January 23

On the street: Kendra

Every once in a while approaching someone can be a bit awkward. Just because you never know just what their reaction will be, and it seems like everytime I spot someone for one of these posts I never have a piece of paper or a writing utensil to get their info. So I'm always scrummaging through purse pulling out pieces of old receipts, just anything to write on. Quite embrassing! I think I need a business card.
Carrying on. I spotted this girl shopping with her friend at Joe. I was drawn to her long trench, fringe bag, and the pop of color earrings. She looked quite effortless. Thanks Kendra!


  1. I certainly know what you mean! I want to make business cards too. You can get free business cards from vista print. She's so pretty and fancy! I like her outfit!

  2. latoya! Love the outfit, especially your coat! looks so warm and comfy

    When you have time pop over to my blog =) the ugly moments

  3. Yeah she does look great!! Following you now! Please follow me too!

  4. wow, not everyone can make such a coat work. Nice look.

    Following you on GFC and bloglovin!


  5. i could never, and i mean NEVER, get up the guts to walk up to someone and ask them for a picture. i am in awe and admiration of you girl.


  6. I love those earrings.
    And te fact that you can walk up to someone and ask to take their picture is pretty amazing, regardless of whether you're prepared with a pen to get their info!


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