Tuesday, February 7

Over The Weekend

Hello everybody! Good times this weekend ya'll! My good friend Amber invited us to check out The Noble Thiefs in concert. They're my new favorite ;) Their music is a mix between 50's doo wop and ska, rock...best I can explain it lol. They put on such an energetic show that everybody was up dancing. Their stage voice is even enticing, kinda reminds me of the way Christina Aguilera or Beyonce would work up their audience. You know, that soulful, boisterous, sassy voice. "Everybody, say hellooo to Jonathan on the trombone!" ~ "This song...goes out to all the wonderful ladies in the audience tonight!"

Ain't he cute?! Say hi to baby Anders! I notice whenever I go to parties I don't start taking pictures until the bitter end. Well at least it's something right? I went to my friend, Alexis, baby shower. It was such a cute shower, with great food and people. Seeing all the momma's and cute babies there makes me want to have a little caramel bundle of cuteness of my own!


  1. What camera do you use? your pictures are so clear!!
    Everything looks so beautiful!!

    I gave your blog the Kreativ and Versatile blog awards. Go get em here:


    1. Oh wow! Thannks so much! Imma check it out right now! Oh and I use my friends Nikon d3000 with my 50mm lens. I actually don't own my own camera body yet lol. I've been working on how to use that thing

  2. hi sweetie,lovely pictures!
    im following you now! i love seeing beautiful pictures!

  3. Looks like a great weekend :) Loving all the pics!


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