Thursday, February 9

Am I wearing pants?

I found this hilarious post about leggings/tights compared to pants on BuzzFeed. What do I think you ask? Well I say meh! Who am I to tell you what to wear? Wear whatever you want to wear however you wish to wear it. Except (and these are the only exceptions) if you're sporting a camel toe, or a mean VPL (visable panty line)

What are your thoughts on leggings? Think we should you keep your bum covered?

Speaking of camel toes...Anyone remember this song?


  1. Hahahaha YES I remember that song.
    And I totally feel the need to share this.

    1. Please share away. I mean it is an epidemic after all lol

  2. LOVE this post! And i love that song too!
    P.S. those past few posts have been so adorable!

  3. dear, i really love this post!!! i love this game and answering yes or no. its so fun. and love this song too!


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