Monday, February 6

Over the weekend

My bad! This was actually my weekend 2 weekends ago but imma still share it. With the boy outta town for the week I have been having me some quality time with my momma and sis. On Friday me and my baby sis got the munches and took a late night drive down to Carlos and Murphy's restaurant for a heaping plate of hot, cheesy, spicy nachos. Let me tell you! We did not walk away unsatisfied. Now I did capture this moment on film. But where are these pictures?! Lord only knows.

On Saturday a few friends and I attended the last sandbox magazine party. There were so many intriguing faces in the crowd and they were dressed to impress! My outfit definitely did not bring it. But other then the way I was dressed the party turned out to be good times! The music was too good. It's quite refreshing to hear some fun, old school beats like MJ, Cool and the gang, and Deee-Lite.
There was also performances from this gal here Flo, she performed a live show which was soo good. Check out that hair!
Everybody look! It's Raezavel from cheapthrills (such a blurry pic lol)
Another live performance from The Treble
We kinda look like twins! Love it lol

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  1. I love your head scarf! Its so pretty! And it looks like you've had some fun weekends! :)
    <3 Carrie


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