Monday, February 6


I'm quite proud of myself for making this dessert that I just had to post it! Lately it seems as if I have been failing in my wifey duties so, I threw on my apron and got myself in the kitchen. I've been cooking dinner everyday, making the boy lunches and I even tried my hand at baking, FROM SCRATCH! I decided to make the boy his favorite pie in the world, Key lime pie. 
I think he scarfed down that slice of pie in 3 bites. 
This is probably one of the first dishes that I've experimented with where he didn't turn to me with a disgusted look on his face after taking a bite of his food and say "Did you even taste this?!"


  1. Looks amazingg!! An p.s. i LOVE your dot dot dot outfit from your last post! Super cute!

  2. Oooh go Toya! That looks delish! I want to try me some! Great job!


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