Monday, February 6

Dot dot dot...

Today was a day for celebration! It was -6°C outside! Winnipegers consider weather like this, summer. I must have seen 10 people on the street wearing shorts and t-shirts....That's all.


  1. ooooh! Love the look!!


  2. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?! Girl, you are crazy.
    I wish I was strong enough to go outside in this weather in what you are wearing.
    That is all.
    Oh, and you look adorable. :)

    1. Haha! No for real! Take it from me. For someone who hates the cold it was actually really nice out!

  3. Love the 70's vibe and polka dots are always a classic! And I love your hat! I know what you mean...yesterday was soo nice!

  4. I love your outfit here! I'm definitely getting into wearing hats this summer! Yours looks great on you! I know what you mean about warm weather; ANYTIME it gets the least bit warm out it makes me want to put on shorts and a tank top!


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