Friday, February 10

The"it" Bag

Ever since I got a camera I wanted a decent looking bag to carry it in and dis one's real nice ;) THEIT bossi bag has got's the fixings for the average camera inside yet it looks like a purse on the outskirts. And no one would ever know! And it comes in a range of different colors. But this bag costs a penny! Ringing in at $159 (A little too rich for my blood) So when I came across this giveaway hosted by Anna from IHOD You best believe I hopped on the bandwagon and entered that contest! Go enter, it's easy!...Just don't win, I want it!


  1. Ahhh1!! Thanks for posting about the giveaway... I have been wanting one of these bags since FOREVER!
    Off to enter, but don't worry - I have bad luck! :)

  2. Hahaha yes, my mom has Facebook. She is ADDICTED! LOL. And yes, i need a man like him too!;)
    And yes, i think that everyone can relate to what he said.
    Also, i LOVE this bag! I think i want one now!!:)
    xo -Taesha

  3. Oh, and thanks for all your comments! They all made my day!!!

  4. oooh wow! Nice bag. I need one of these for my huge camera as well, thanks for the heads up!!


  5. I love this bag and your blog, I´m following now dear. I hope you can visit and follow mine too.
    Kisses from Perú

  6. Love this, I didn't even think this was a camera bag! Pulled the wool over my the best way possible!

    xx Raez


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