Wednesday, December 7

This Fellow

Hi There! I just realized that I haven't introduced you to the boy. Everyone say hello to my beloved husband, Daniel.  ^-^
I'm kinda in love ♥

  Early this morning I had to rush him to the hospital because he was experiencing severe lower back pain and throwing up. (I hate to see him in pain) The good people at St.Boniface hospital took him in, gave him a couple T3's and suited him up in the fanciest blue frock they had, I took a few photos but I'm sure Daniel wouldn't be too pleased if I showed the world the little peek-a-boo slit in the back of his gown. The sweet nurse inserted thee biggest IV needle I have ever seen into his arm. The color rushed from his rosy cheeks and he nearly passed out when that nurse started to draw his blood. He then went in for a CT scan of his stomach. After a couple of hours of waiting to hear the results of the x-ray the Doc came in and informed us that Daniel had a few kidney stones. kidney stone is a solid mass made up of tiny crystals. It forms in the kidney and you feel the surge of the pain when it passes from your kidney to your bladder. Ouch, poor boy :(. Turns out Daniel got them nasty suckers a couple of years back when he was serving his mission in Sapporo, Japan. I hope he never gets them nasty heffa's again. 

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