Friday, December 9

My eventful weekend.

Hello everyone. Meet Stef. Does she look familiar? She should....

She's Daniel's baby sister Stef and she turned 23 over the weekend. She spent her birthday inviting all her close friends to dinner and a movie. First we all went to Don Pedro's, this delicious Mexican restaurant. Then the rest of the crew then headed off to the movie's to watch Breaking Dawn. But not this sir. Me and my friend Sherri from sherriamour headed to Juss Jazz. A quaint little jazz joint in downtown Winnipeg. We were quite thrilled to hear the smooth vocals of Alie Clark and the After Hours Band. They were reeally good. I look forward to go again and hear the other featuring bands. 
The next evening it was my friend Kelsuma's 22 birthday. We had dinner at Sydney's it was quite the ritzy restaurant.  A little too ritzy if you ask me. Then went out dancing. All in all it was a good night. 
Happy Birthday Girlie's!

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  1. Great photos and nice cupcakes! I agree...that little jazz joint was so fun. I loved it! Let's go again!


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