Monday, April 23

D.I.Y Floral Halo

Hello my fellow readers! Welcome to my first DIY and hopefully not the last. Here's the story to what inspired me to make this wonderful floral halo. 
So me, my girl Kimiya and my good girlfriend Sherri from sherriamour  went shopping and spotted so many fun floral headbands. But they were foolishly priced from $5-$10 bucks (A little too rich for my blood) So I decided to go out to my good ole dollarstore, purchase a few bunches of flowers and make my own halo! Everything, including the glue gun, cost me a whoppin' $13 bucks! It's so easy to make and you can make a ton!They also make great gifts. Here's how you can make your own...(My apologies, I think I mighta missed a step or two :/ )
SUPPLIES: Twine, plastic flowers, elastic headbands, felt, scissors, cutters (all of which you can purchase from your local dollarstore) glue gun ($4 from walmart)
2. Cut the head of the flower from the stem. I used about 5-6 flowers per headband
3. Take your felt and cut out 1" circles
4. Using your twine measure the circumference of your head. Minus 4"
5. Cut out 4" of the elastic headband  
6. Cut out a small rectangle of felt and using your glue gun glue the twine, elastic and felt together
7. Now take the 1" circle you cut out earlier, your flower and glue gun and sandwich the twine in-between. 
8. And your done! You can fun with yours, add a ton of flowers, mix up the colors. Do whatever your heart desires! Happy DIYing!


  1. Haha actually did it! Good for you girl! Beautiful pics!

    This is so fun!


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