Wednesday, January 11

Girl Talk: Sh*t White Girls Black Girls

Haha! Whooo! Haha Franchesca Ramsey, you is sure one funny heffa! Okay so this video is probably old news to ya'll and there is a lot of buzz surrounding it. And although this video is so funny, it is also so true and thought provoking! And on the real, I just wanted to share my two cents about my experiences and how I can relate to this video. 

Growing up in a predominately white community me and my sister have heard it all. "You're hair feels weird", "Is it real?", "You're pretty... for a black girl", "Hey gurlfriend!", "Hey you know that black guy?..No offense", "Hey Toya look, it's you!" And although me and my sis nod kindly and keep a tight lip, it don't stay sealed for long. We'd come home and unload the intolerances we had to endure that day. A couple of years ago my sister came home from church sadden that a fellow friend of hers told her straight up in a random, after service gathering at church with a group friends, that he would never date her purely because of the color of her skin. Sadly we've encountered this kind of ignorance one too many times pushing me to the point, that at a young age, wished I was white and hated the fact that I was black. I would even mimic having long flowy hair by back clipping a towel to my head (Sad I know) And even though I no longer feel this way (I LOVE being black folks) It just goes to show the effect that tiny little remarks and comments has on a person. 

 This video even had me thinking twice, "I've ever said anything of the sort pertaining to somebody of a different race? Folks, we ALL have to evaluate and be accountable for our behavior, always! Thank you Franchesca for making this video. It's a step in the direction for all of us to work toward social change and it also opens a world wide discussion about race.

P.S. She's soooo pretty too! Check out her hilarious makeup routine here. The intro killed me! Lol!

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  1. Latoya, I know I'm super late with a comment to this post but everything you said was what I was feeling! I saw this video a few weeks ago and laughed my head off. I also recall people saying the same things to me! As a black girl living in the South, I had to learn to love myself and know that we are all beautiful. People that can't see that don't have a place in my life. I am really enjoying your blog! Feel free to check mine out as well:

    Love what you're doing! You're outfits are totally cute!


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